Cannabis Testing and Consumption 101

Scientific integrity is integral to the cannabis industry. The integrity of the labs and the integrity of the scientific testing is the basis for the industry’s credibility with the consumer.

Steadfast Labs is one of the most established labs in the state and holds a deep understanding of the industry’s history and potential for growth. Our leadership and key personnel are among the top in the nation with extensive backgrounds in analytical chemistry, biology, and cannabis science.

Our team is steeped in science and we are driving the science on cannabis testing nationally.

Creating the Cutting Edge in Cannabis Testing

Steadfast’s new Hazel Park lab is coming online in Spring 2021. It features the most advanced, high-throughput instrumentation employed in the industry along with environmental safeguards to assure testing integrity. The additional capabilities the new lab offers will allow Steadfast to continue to lead the evolution of cannabis safety testing.

Our New Lab
The Preeminent Facility

Steadfast’s testing methodologies were developed in-house over many years. Instead of relying on a suite of instruments from one manufacturer, Steadfast identified optimum instrumentation solutions from across all manufacturers. Our scientists went way beyond the basic, starting-point methods from instrumentation providers by applying their knowledge and experience to develop optimized methodologies that are time-tested and proven. In short, the new Steadfast facility provides what our industry partners demand; the most accurate data at the highest possible throughput.

Premier Testing Capabilities
Partnering for Success

We have the best team and the best lab in the cannabis testing industry. That unique combination of expertise and equipment is a huge advantage that gives our partners the credibility they seek and the consumers the quality they deserve. We believe having a culture and mindset of collaboration is the only true path to delivering outcomes that elevate the cannabis experience for everyone. That’s where we set ourselves apart.

According to a January 2020 report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 84% of cannabis users reporting lung-related injuries from vaping products acquired those products from “informal sources.” That study reinforces the dangers unregulated and untested black-market cannabis products pose to the everyday cannabis consumer, and it highlights the importance that reliable and competent testing plays in the continued safety of the marketplace.

The Steadfast Commitment to Consumers

From products for medicinal cannabis patients to your favorite adult-use items, if you see Steadfast Tested on it you know it is safe and the potency is accurately reported. Our reputation is staked on consumer trust and confidence and we will always place your safety as our first priority.

  • We believe that scientific integrity in cannabis testing is required to keep potentially harmful products off of provisioning center shelves.
  • We believe in transparent testing that provides detailed and specific product safety and potency information so consumers are can make informed decisions and receive exactly what they pay for.
  • We love what we do and believe we play an indispensable role in keeping the cannabis consuming public safe.

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