Demanding Safe Cannabis

Steadfast Labs’ first priority is our obligation to protect the end user. We take principled stands on issues of cannabis safety testing in the name of consumer welfare. Demanding Steadfast-tested products ensures you receive safe and accurately tested cannabis.

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A Consumer-First Mentality

Everything we do at Steadfast Labs has the safety of the cannabis consumer in mind. Consumer education is the most important driver for raising the level of safety and integrity in the cannabis industry. Cannabis science is important, but it’s also fun. Steadfast is leading the way in advancing consumers understanding of cannabis.

Our top three priorities for consumer safety are:

  • 1. Awareness
  • 2. Education
  • 3. Empowerment

Our Blog

Our in-house blog provides you with information and resources to help you make more informed cannabis purchasing decisions.

Cannabis Testing 101

Steadfast is a cannabis testing lab. But we are also cannabis advocates and proponents. We are in a unique position to view the industry from every angle, seeing all sides; growers, processors, retail and end-users. Having such a uniquely broad perspective, we consider it our obligation to build the credibility and integrity of the cannabis industry through education by sharing what we know with the cannabis consuming public.

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