Talking Safe Cannabis with Dr. Lewerenz

Meet the Doctor

Based in southeast Michigan, Dr. James Lewerenz is dedicated to delivering top-notch healthcare to help his patients thrive. He partners with Steadfast Labs to help educate consumers about safe cannabis options.

Why You Should Only Consume Tested Cannabis Products

When cannabis shopping, Dr. James Lewerenz says consumers should be as discerning about what product they buy as they are with over-the-counter medications.

Risks of Untested Cannabis

Learn more from Dr. James Lewerenz and Steadfast Labs about the risks of untested cannabis and why tested, safe cannabis is essential to ensuring your well-being.

Talking Safe Cannabis with Dr. Lewerenz: The Risks of Inaccurate Testing

Not all cannabis quality tests or cannabis testing labs are created equal. Dr. James Lewerenz says consumers need to be able to trust the information they get about the safety and potency of their cannabis.

Health Effects of E-Coli Found in Contaminated Cannabis

Health Effects of Pesticides in Contaminated Cannabis

Health Effects of Solvents Found in Contaminated Cannabis

The Health Benefits of Safe Cannabis

Much like when looking for prescription drugs, you need to be aware of the side effects that potentially can come from untested cannabis. Dr. James Lewerenz says you can avoid negative experiences by seeking out tested cannabis from a trusted lab.

Why Steadfast is Special

Dr. James Lewerenz says Steadfast Labs sets itself apart from competitors as a company with integrity, its consumer-first focus and dedication to reliability and consumer safety.

Health Effects of Yeast and Mold in Contaminated Cannabis

Cannabis Safety Testing and Your Health

If your product is not properly tested, consuming contaminated cannabis could not only rob you of its potential benefits, but also do harm to your health. Dr. James Lewerenz says it’s vital to know what you’re consuming and make sure your product is properly tested and safe.

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